Location Westchester County, New York
Owner Professor Charles Xavier
Purpose Safe place for mutants

The X-Mansion is a large mansion that is owned by Charles Xavier. He uses it as a safe place for mutants who have no other place to go.


The X-Mansion is a large, five-story building that has various rooms and houses many mutants. The first floor is all the main floor. There are various living rooms and sitting rooms just for chatting or entertainment. There is a kitchen, a dining room, three bathrooms, and a game room. The second and third floors are for classes. This is also where adult mutants bedroom's are. The fourth and fifth floors are for the children mutants. There are large bedrooms that have eight mutants of the same gender in each room. There is a lower floor that has various rooms coming off of it, including a hospital room, Cerebro, and the Danger Room.


Official X-MenEdit

When mutants who stay at the X-Mansion turn 18, they are offered the chance to become an official X-Man, meaning, they will get to go out on mission for Professor Xavier and start helping in the fight to allow humans and mutants to live together in harmony. Each X-Man is sorted into teams of about four to eight members.


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